Building without limits

App development

Bring the mobile revolution to your business. Whether you're looking for a utility app to make your processes work better, or an app to improve customer experience, our team will create and develop a robust app that's designed to take whatever's thrown at it.

Website development

We begin by listening to what you want and what your customers need, then we develop a website that looks stunning, works perfectly and offers your customers everything they need. Set us a challenge and we'll deliver - no gimmicks, no drama, and no 'off the shelf' designs.

Database Design

For your business to run smoothly and efficiently, your data must be secure, organised and easy to get hold of. You tell us what you want to achieve and we'll create a robust, secure and flexible database with an intuitive dashboard for fast access and report production.


Finding your story is the key to creating an effective and powerful brand identity. Everything, from your logo design and colour pallet to choice of font must reflect your values. To ensure future continuity, we'll also put together brand guidelines to make sure all your marketing materials match your identity perfectly.

Working with you onsite

There's nothing quite like the buzz of great minds coming together. If remote working won't cut it, our team of experts are happy to come to you and work from your offices. Hot housing on projects drives creativity, giving you instant access and feedback on the development process.


You want a team that listens to you and creates what you want, not what they think you want. Keeping you involved every step of the way guarantees a successful project whether it's the development of a new app, website, brand, or database. We don't bring pre-conceived ideas; we bring creativity.


No, we're not contortionists - the flexibility is in our approach as well as our designs. Our team will fit in with your needs and bend over backwards to create what you need. Plus, all our apps, websites and databases are designed to take whatever's thrown at them, so as your business grows, they'll grow with you.


Functionality is right up there as one of the most important aspects of any project, but it also has to look great. Podpea is all about eye-catching design; we create apps, brands, websites and databases that stand out, get you noticed and set you apart from your competitors.