Everything we do is designed around you

You are at the centre of our world

Every project we work on is unique, that's why working in close collaboration is essential.

We don't bring fixed ideas and templates to the table. Instead, our ideas come from you, your business, your goals and the needs of your customers.

Listening to you is what brings success to every podpea project.

How we work with you


With your requirements and specifications to hand we can begin planning out your project.

Analysing the information we have gathered, we can begin creating mock-ups to work out how to provide the functionality you need.


Once the functional stuff is outlined, we turn our attention to the design and produce visual representations of your project.

Throughout this and the planning stage, we remain in close contact with you to get your feedback on our ideas so we're ready to take the next step.


Once you're happy with the planning and design of your project we'll roll our sleeves up and start the development phase, programming your website, database or app to bring it to life.



Rigorous testing will ensure your project works no matter what's thrown at it.

We check its functionality and security, checking for bugs to make sure it works like a dream and fulfils all your requirements.


Only once every other stage has been successfully negotiated will your project be released.

But we won't just wave you goodbye, we'll also provide you with all the documentary support you need for a trouble-free future.