6 useful shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator.

By Joe Bradnum, published Monday, February 9th, 2015

Here are 6 shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator that I use all the time for designing, they’re extremely useful shortcuts for those who like to work fast. CMD/ Control Z will not be included as you should already know what that does…

Shortcut 1.

When creating a square, circle or any other preset shape in illustrator if you want to keep that shape directly in the centre of a certain point, or if you’re putting a shape inside another shape and want to keep the clear space around the outside equal, then hold down Shift, Alt, then click and drag the shape to your desired size. Furthering this, if you want to move the object around on your artboard without placing it, continue to hold Shift and Alt then simply press and hold the space bar and you’re free to move the object around whilst still keeping your desired size.

Shortcut 2.

If you want to quickly hide or show your guides, then instead of right clicking to get the guides window up, simply press CMD/ Control, ;. This will quickly hide or show your set guides on an artboard.

Shortcut 3.

For grouping and ungrouping objects quickly without right clicking and opening a separate window, hold down CMD/ Control and press G to group selected objects or hold CMD/ Control, Shift then press G to ungroup a grouped object.

Shortcut 4.

To zoom in and out quickly and with easy, hold down CMD/ Control then press + to zoom in and – to zoom out.

Shortcut 5.

Here are come quick keyboard shortcuts for swapping tools in illustrator quickly.

A – Selection tool.
V – Direct selection tool.
P – Pen tool.
B – Brush tool.
] – Increase brush size when using it.
[ – Decrease brush size when using it.
\ – Line tool.
+ – Add anchor point.
– – Delete anchor point.

Shortcut 6.

If you want to bring an object to the front quickly hold down CMD/ Control, Shift, then press ]. To move the selected object to the back hold down the same keys but press [ to move the object behind another.