Setting up Grunt to compile SASS

Published: Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 by Tyler Crammond

We use Grunt for all sorts of things at PodPea; from building projects on multiple platforms to bulk image compression. If you’re not familiar with Grunt, it’s an automated task runner with an extensive ecosystem; I recommend checking out their site here. In this post I’m going to quickly run over how to set up […]

An Introduction to Yeoman

Published: Friday, January 30th, 2015 by Tyler Crammond

Yeoman is a command-line tool for setting up new projects and speeding up your development workflow. We’ve beenĀ using it for a few months now at PodPea and it’s proved invaluable. If you’ve never heard of or at least not used Yeoman before, I hope this very basic example will help demonstrate the kind of thing […]

Speeding up coding with Live Templates in WebStorm

Published: Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 by Tyler Crammond

There’s a feature commonly called “snippets” or “templates” in most modern IDEs or text editors that allows you to save a small block of frequently used code and type a shortcut to insert it into a file. I use the Jetbrains WebStorm IDE for coding in Javascript and recently started using an increasing number of […]