Creating order from chaos. databases by Podpea.

We develop stunning applications which will promote your idea to the next level.

Data management

Well-managed data will help you keep your costs down and manage your business effectively.

When your data is organised and accessible it makes all your processes run like clockwork, streamlining your business enabling you to offer exceptional levels of customer service.

Fast, scalable, portable

You need to get your hands on your data quickly, when you want to and in a way that makes sense.

Your database is designed to be lightening fast with a user interface that's simple to use and quick to deliver.

With the added benefit of being scalable and portable, your database will easily grow with your business, meeting all your potential future needs.

Safe as houses.

Losing data is something every business dreads. We'll make sure that doesn't happen by designing and developing a database that maintains data security, keeping it safe from unauthorised users.

Plus, Cloud backups negate the problem of legacy discs and offsite backup storage.

Logical structure

Data that's in disparate systems and scattered here, there and everywhere is frustrating to deal with and a drain on your time and budget.

Our experts will design you a database that has a clear and logical structure with standardised data fields to make your life as simple as possible.

Bird's eye view

Data is nothing without flexible, fast reporting and accurate analytics.

Designed to give you full transparency of data, your database will enable you to monitor your business activities and make informed decisions quickly to drive your business forwards.

There's more...

We're not finished yet. Everything we do is designed around you. The dashboard will be logical and easy to use, plus we'll provide you with all the support you need including screen casts, video 'how tos' and full documentation about what to do if you hit a snag.

Of course, we're also on the end of the phone too.

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